Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long December

Well December is slowly comming to an end! I feel like it's been such a long Holiday this year. So many things have happend and here are some pictures from this month.Ending with a Grimes family reunion that lasted about three days and is still going strong untill tomorrow. We took about 10 family pictures but this is the only one that was taken with my camera:) A whole lot of Grimes.

This is Parker's little Girl friend and second cousin Linda! She was amazing because she played with Parker the whole weekend!

This is what Grandpa Sam got Parker ... he LOVES it!

A stunt on a new toy from Tony.

he will be so mad someday ... but how cute dressed like Santa!

It was a yo gabba gabba Christmas! I think he has everything made by yo gabba gabba at this point!

This is a little out of order but Parker in Noelle's sweater after the impromptu bath

the bath after we found them cover in soap ... ooops! Parker got it in his eyes and was SCREAMING! I was flipping out and claires hair was in a spike with soap holding it up.

Christmas Party 2008. David getting the gift exchange ready.

My Besties!

My F.B.F and myself


drunk? in Lane and Erin's room.

So sexy!
Cute little thang
Parker and Grammy before church!

That's it. It was a really fun year and next year will be even better!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This blog may contain bad words

I have been pushed over the edge. I have a client we will call her drunk ass. I have been doing her hair for about four years and I have always really liked her. Last time I did her hair she was blacked out drunk and soooooooo annoying. She had an apt. two weeks ago and called at seven a.m. to cancel drunk. I called her back the next day hopping she would be sober but no she was drunk. Then today she had an apt and she called at seven a.m. again drunk! WHAT THE FUCK? first of all every time she cancels she cost me $165. I don't know how to deal with this. If anyone reads my blog I need some suggestions.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nox Polk

Avala Vally Barn! It is way to much fun!
Me Erin and Noelle at my brothers engagment party

Parker and his new friend Bella at my work Christmas party

The kids and I partying at the engagment party

Just a little update on my life. I haven't been bloging latley because it's just so busy rite now. But we did have a great party for my brother and Tara last weekend. It looked great and we had around 60 people show up to celebrate the soon to be baby and the engagment of Mitchell and Tara.
On another note, Parker is learning the Presedents rite now. My mom has these flash card things and has been working on them with Parker. He is OBSESSES with them and last week he learned George Washington, Adams, Madison and Nox Polk <> so hopefully by next year he will know them all! I will keep you all updated. He walks around the house saying " nox polk " I don't even know how that is spelled or if that's his real name but that's waht he says.
Also I am very excited about the Christmas party tonight!