Friday, May 18, 2007

Parker just started eating "enriched rice cereal" and he loves it! He eats it like he has had it before! Funny little baby. He also holds himself up and he can do some rolling onto his back. Um he loves to watch any kind of TV but he loves basketball so far. He misses his aunt "sia" i think that's what they call her these days. And if that is true then he has a sia and a tia.

Happy mothers day to me! This is for Nesser! A new picture of my big boy ... and my new bangs! Also my HUGE arm! OK FATTY!!!! SOOO I have this client her name is "barb" just to be safe. her boyfriend is a married man and she See's me every week to get her hair shampooed and what not. Also she is very neurotic. She comes in with a HUGE head shot of herself and tells me that this is what it should look like and so i get to work doing color this last week and the whole time she is freaking out " not to dark not to blond ... chunky not to chunky" I literally want to take my scissors and stab my eyes at this point. Not to mention that she cut her own hair because she was having anxiety over her boyfriend that is married with kids. So every side of her hair cold be a different hair cut . She makes me want to jump off a bridge ... i see her every week! And i might go legally insane. I may or may not go insane without this women in my life. Because As i was telly t*bone ... I think everyone is out to get me ... i think that I am going nuts!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

lost control

my body is malfunctioning! yesterday I kept telling taryn that i felt like i was going to poop my pants ... i kept farting and when i got home and went pee i realized that i had been SHARTING! the whole time! so then at around 5 am I farted and it felt wet so i got up and went to the restroom and my whole unders were soaked and i thought i shit myself ... but i wet the bed!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON! I have lost all control of my body!

Monday, May 7, 2007

hollywood park

we went to the Hollywood park for the horse races yesterday and it was really fun. I feel like I'm going to poop my pants because i drank beer all day and for diner we had in n out! yikes and now I'm drinking coffee. We'll see how long i can hold off. OK i can't. be back. SOOOO ... I didn't really win any money. Kyle won twice but only a little bit of money! We should plan a girls trip. Because you just drink and everyone yells! " GO GO GO GO" that was kyles mom the whole time! Linds and Elezar came with little bang bang and so that was really fun. Bentley loves those horses and he was having a lot of fun. Anna and Aaron were drinking and smoking the whole time. And of course the argument of who's beer is who's. Oh god what else. Anna says " head ech" and " oreenge" other then that ... kyle woke up in nipomo out of a could sleep yelling mom breaks mom breaks! because i think he thought we were getting in a car accident.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

family in the 80's

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Being on top

when oh when will we be on top again ... and i don't mean in bed:) I mean in the bank. Doesn't it seem like every time you feel like you are making some kind of progress something slaps you in the face like a bean burrito?!? I know. I dream of the day that i have my perfect home that i can decorate and make my very own. I keep reminding myself of what Oprah says to do, and that is to speak positive things into your life. It's to short to stress out over money. I need to take my own advice and know that it will always work out. Other then that my mom said that Armageddon is on its way. Oh and by the way she is out of her mind. I mean I have taryn calming me down ... if you can only imagine that. Between her and I we are the most death obsessed pair you can imagine. We have this plan to move into the pasions bomb shelter someday with the kids! And we think that at R&D's they have one in the back ... we're not sure. But you might be sending our mail there some day!