Sunday, September 5, 2010

to vegan or not to vegan

over the past 11 years I have watched videos and read books about being vegan. Last week I watched a movie called " Food Inc. " and it made me sick to know what goes on in food factories ... so disgusting! It has made me think a lot about cancer and I can't help but wonder if over the past 50 years with the fast food industry changing the way we deal with our meat, because it is in a high demand, if that has anything to do with the growing rate in cancer. Last year I had two very close client friends pass away, one was in her 40's with three girls die from colon cancer and the other in her 60's pass away from cervical cancer. What if we were getting cancer from the way our meat is being processed and the food the animals are eating ... I can't help but wonder if I stopped eating meat if my life might last longer. Then I watched a video called " vegan gal " I think that is what is was called, and she talked all about the statistics of meat and dairy and how it effects our hearts and bodies ... I recommend watching it, it has a lot of info. So now I am back on the vegan train ... for health reasons and we will see what happens. I never last to long but I want this body to last a long time, and I want my kids to be healthy ... I will keep "you" posted. If there are any you's out there:) tonight my mom is making vegan stuffed bell peppers (yummmmm) I can't wait to dig these teeth in to that!