Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nox Polk

Avala Vally Barn! It is way to much fun!
Me Erin and Noelle at my brothers engagment party

Parker and his new friend Bella at my work Christmas party

The kids and I partying at the engagment party

Just a little update on my life. I haven't been bloging latley because it's just so busy rite now. But we did have a great party for my brother and Tara last weekend. It looked great and we had around 60 people show up to celebrate the soon to be baby and the engagment of Mitchell and Tara.
On another note, Parker is learning the Presedents rite now. My mom has these flash card things and has been working on them with Parker. He is OBSESSES with them and last week he learned George Washington, Adams, Madison and Nox Polk <> so hopefully by next year he will know them all! I will keep you all updated. He walks around the house saying " nox polk " I don't even know how that is spelled or if that's his real name but that's waht he says.
Also I am very excited about the Christmas party tonight!


Blogger taryn said...

I saw this in action today... let me just say he is a smart one!!! Nox Polk is for sure his favorite pres!!!!

December 15, 2008 at 3:21 PM  

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