Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy mothers day to me! This is for Nesser! A new picture of my big boy ... and my new bangs! Also my HUGE arm! OK FATTY!!!! SOOO I have this client her name is "barb" just to be safe. her boyfriend is a married man and she See's me every week to get her hair shampooed and what not. Also she is very neurotic. She comes in with a HUGE head shot of herself and tells me that this is what it should look like and so i get to work doing color this last week and the whole time she is freaking out " not to dark not to blond ... chunky not to chunky" I literally want to take my scissors and stab my eyes at this point. Not to mention that she cut her own hair because she was having anxiety over her boyfriend that is married with kids. So every side of her hair cold be a different hair cut . She makes me want to jump off a bridge ... i see her every week! And i might go legally insane. I may or may not go insane without this women in my life. Because As i was telly t*bone ... I think everyone is out to get me ... i think that I am going nuts!


Blogger Lady said...

Your bangs look great!!! and that baby boy is stealing my heart away right now. I can't wait to see him next month!!! look "barb" you need to go to the the MF phychologist to talk about that crap nobody wants to hear it unless they are getting paid and even there would probably be a stiff drink at the end of the day to get over that BS.

May 21, 2007 at 11:40 AM  

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