Monday, November 24, 2008


Well on Friday night Noelle, Ari and I waited in line for almost five hourse to see Twilight at midnight! The wait wasn't bad we just read magazines and snacked on candy and what not. They let us in at 10 and we got the most perfect seats ever! On the way to the theater I wasn't sure what to expect ... all I knew is that the line started at around 1:30 and let me tell you I was anxiety ridden all day at work. So around 7 we went and staked out our place in the ever growing line. And I envisioned our seats in my mind ( the secret ) and guess what That is what we got! my favorite seats! top center where no once can kill you from behind! Or grab your feat or steal your purse. Anyway The movie that first night was really amazing and Rob hasn't left my mind ever since. I actually have found myself dreaming of him! last night I had a dream I was smelling his hands and they smelled like mint! weird! I woke up wishing it was all real:) I started to read Twilight again ... I don't want it to leave me ... If I can't watch it every day then I will read it! I am way beyond obsessed and Kyle doesn't really like it that much! Anyway I have seen it one other time Friday night with my girl friends and that was really fun! Wiss and Michelle and Taryn had these great shirts and Erin also made an amazing shirt! All in all it was a hit. New moon in the works and I'm not so sure about that one ... My least favorite of the books ... all that Jacob black and his lame wig!!!


Blogger taryn said...

That was an amazing night! I can't wait for November 2009 when New Moon comes out!!!!!!

December 15, 2008 at 3:21 PM  

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