Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday ... i love you

I love having days off like yesterday ... wednesday! we had a lot of fun yesterday, we had lunch with the Rittenhosue family as you can see ( scroll down ) and then Uncle Aaron and Eli came over for some gold ol fashion pumpkin carving! we chose the cat and Parker is obsessed with it! I want to carve like 10 more! I'm so in the spirit! I love this time of the year!
cousins! I love that smile!

Pumpkin carving 2008

At lunch we decided to do a photo shoot with Owen! Taryn got the money shot on her camera though!
Baby fever anyone? seriously precious!


Owen and I just hanging out ... no big deal.


In the hospital Oct. 1 2008.
Just me and the Babe!

Friends! visiting baby Owen!


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