Friday, October 3, 2008


Taryn Had Owen on Oct.1 2008! I went to see her rite after she had him ( in one push ) and she didn't even look like she just had a baby! Owen is so perfect! he completley melted my heart and made me wish that I was the one holding my new baby ... there is nothing more magical then a new baby in your arms ... I miss my baby being that little, this is the first time I have missed him being a baby, because I LOVE having him just the way his is rite now. But Owen made me long for that little baby boy! Cheers to my beautiful best friend that makes such beautiful perfect babies! Something that I must say about Taryn is that she is a very strong women and such a loving person. Her kids are so very lucky to be raised by her. Love you Taryn

P.s. how many times can I say the word baby? ALOT i guess ... sorry


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