Monday, September 29, 2008

So we went down south this weekend to see Kyles dad and for Lindsays baby shower. It was really fun, I wish I had some pictures but I can't find my camera! ( what else is new ) It was a really quick trip and I am very tired from all the driving. I must say Parker was such a trooper ... thank God for the portable DVD player! he watched movies the whole time and seemed to be having a good time ... as much as he could have. The baby shower was really cute, Linds got some great gifts and her friends from work are all very sweet.

On another note ... I came home from our weekend to face reality. That being that the world is kinda screwed rite now ... what is going to happen with the stock market crashing and banks going under? I'm curious to see what happens to us in the futcher and how this will effect me. Something else that has me thinking is Cancer. I know personally at least six clients of mine that have cancer or who have survived cancer and then another six that are friends or family. It is just so common and I know it hasn't always been this common. Which concerns me and so I'm going to try really hard to cut out things that I think might effect my family and my self ... like the microwave and plastic cups ... or storage containers ( for food ) also food that is processed and filled with hormones. I want and need to protect my family. I think I'll do a little research and see what else i can do. It's gonna be hard because there are some things that I really like, such as fabric softener ... it smells so good and anti perspirant deodorant. I will let you all know how this little venture goes! it's gonna be hard, but perhaps well worth it in the end.

As a very smart women client of mine said " the seven trumpets are sounding" ... you figure it out.


Blogger ParadisoPerDue said...

You got that all right sister! scary world we're in and I completely agree about the cancer observation- when did it become sooooooo freakin' common?!

September 30, 2008 at 12:10 PM  
Blogger The VanDorn Family said...

Amy, I agree with you about the cancer thing. I try to feed Eli all organic and try not to have any chemicals in the house. Its so scary how the rate has increased and also the increase in autism and other problems in children. Let me know about the microwave thing too.

October 1, 2008 at 2:44 PM  

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