Monday, October 6, 2008

TV time!

It is that time of the year ... when it starts to get cold ( randomly ) and my shows are back on ... Parker and Kyle are sleeping and I am awake watching all my shows that I DVR! Here are some of my favs!.
My all time Favorite of all the shows to ever be made is Greys Anatomy! Drama Drama Drama! I hate rose this season! I was so scared she was pregers with Derek's baby! I would have been so sad and never watched it again. If Meridith doesn't make a move and fast I think I will be so annoyed! Izzy and Alex! what what! I'm so rooting for them to hook up and of course the gay one and that sister ... what are there names? GEORGE! and still the sister ... can't think of it! It's so on!
Desperate Housewives has some great plots this season also ... Edie has a super creepy new hubby that has something wrong with him! I didn't like how he treated that old lady ... I forget her name. Poor Gabby is chubby and poor but I still love her, maybe even more this season. Susan has a HOT boyfriend! I love him ... sad about Mike though. and the others are the same ... except Porter is oddly attractive! weird!

Brothers and sisters is soooo good! Some people watch it but not that many. I don't really know why I love it so much ... I love all the drama of a big family. My family just has four, My Dad, Mom, Mitch and myself, so there really is no drama. Anyway it's back on and it's good! Justin is super hot! And for whatever reason I love Kitty ... which is weird because I usually HATE Calista Flockhart but she is so pretty in this show and for whatever reason I like her ... also Norah is amazing, I want to be like Norah when I'm older, the all American mother! It makes me want a big family!


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