Sunday, August 17, 2008

just a nother manic sunday

Oh my gosh this is such a cute picture of Parker! He had just woken up and was trying to read a book, but it looks like he couldn't keep those eyes open! I love this picture!

This weekend was really fun. We went to R&D's and that was pretty fun and mellow. Then today we went to the Naz which was kinda weird ... not really my thing. It's just so big and weird. So next Sunday I will have to try something else. We are thinking about just walking over to Harvest church. Oh yeah and we got grass this weekend! it's so pretty. We are having a B.B.Q to welcome our new green friend! I love it already! Also we watched Penelope today and LOVED it! What a cute love story! I think everyone should see it:)
And ANOTHER THING! I cute Taryns hair today and it's REAL cute! That picture is still to come.


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